// Welcome to PROPLAS. //

Industrial computed tomography, initial sampling and target-actual comparison.

PROPLAS offers flexible and unbeatable time-saving computer tomography services for complex plastic components. We measure your parts faster than with conventional coordinate measuring machines, non-destructive and without complex tactile or optical measuring methods. Our measurement results give you 100% information about the quality of your part - not only on the outer geometry but mainly about the complex internal geometry of your products.


// Freiburg football competition // 2018/2019

After a great start to the year you can now win tickets for the Freiburg football matches in the season 2018/2019. Click here to take part.

SAVE THE DATE // MOULDING EXPO // 21.-24.05.2019

The participants were able to follow exciting presentations by experts on the topic of tool making and more about the relationship between mould making. Read more...

// Review // Adolf Föhl Days // A GREAT SUCCESS!

Inform, inspire, excite, and "learn from each other" - this motto has been used by Adolf Föhl GmbH since 2006 during their Technology-Days. More.

// Accredited Laboratory // DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Competence, trust, security, comparability - those things cannot be bought. Especially in the relatively young  business of industrial computed tomography... Read more..

// Preview // Innonet meet at Proplas // 30.04.2019

The INNONET Innovation Plastic has developed in recent years and become an important industry meeting in southern Germany. On 30. April 2019 there is a INNONET®meet at ProPlas GmbH in Dornstetten statt. Read more after the event

// REVIEW // 15.Horber Tool Day // 24.01.2019

Horber Tool Day, an industry meeting for injection molding and injection molding, took place for the 15th time. More than 130 decision makers... Read more...

REVIEW // VDWF presents itself at the "voll wild" meeting in Füssen // 19.03.2019

The Association of German Tool and Moldmakers (VDWF) eV was launched in 1992 by committed, pioneering companies in the industry. Read more...

REVIEW //Timm Kern at the FAKUMA 2017 // October 2017

Good talks, new orders: The innovation network Innonet Kunststoff is satisfied with its appearance at the Fakuma fair in Friedrichshafen. Read more..

REVIEW // FAKUMA 2018 // 16.-20.10.2018

For the 26th time in the tri-border region on Lake Constance, the once again fully derecognized Fakuma - international trade fair for plastics.. Read more..

// Seminar "Efficiency in the development process"

This seminar, which is a joint action of PROPLAS and Plast Competence Center gives a basic explanation of how computer tomography can save so much time in the production during every development stage.



// Computertomography: no structure is too small

The trend towards miniaturization and quality assurance continally presents us with new challenges - especially in medical technology. The tolerances of filigree components are minimal, the contours of the conventional measurement technique are hardly accessible.

// Precision of the Metrotom

Our years of experience and practice in industrial computed tomography shows that the technology of Metrotom is very futuristic and supplies high-quality reliable results.