Measurement with X-ray technology. A New World!

Measurement with X-ray technology

The new world of measurement technology is due to the development of industrial CT which is based on the principle of X-ray technology. This computerized technology used to be very limited, time consuming, and destructive.

Formation of a 2-D image

In the industrial computed tomography the component is x-rayed. These X-rays take on a detector surface, which are attenuated differently depending on the geometry and absorption properties of the test object. The result is a two-dimensional gray image

Formation of a solid model

In the continuation of the 2-D X-ray technology, the test object is added to very many positions in industrial computed tomography. The component rotates stated during the CT scans 360 ° around its own axis. The resulting 2-D images to be reconstructed into a complete 3-D solid model.

Evaluation of the data

The data recorded with this measuring technology is used for various tasks in the measurement and testing technology: starting with the non-destructive testing on the fast target-actual comparison and the initial sampling to Porositätsanalysen and as the basis for surface reconstruction.